Another RTOS... but

We think it's a different one and it's available for multcore processors (SMP).

Very small code (only a few Kbytes). Check some numbers here, and here.

Feature rich. Any other RTOS with all these features (and many more)?

    1. Priority aging
    2. Run time safe service creation
    3. No interrupt disabling
    4. Zero overhead interrupt
    5. Self learning mutex priority inversion protection

Full feature overview here, and have a look at the user guide.


Unique to the Abassi RTOS

  1. No interrupt disabling
  2. Intelligent starvation protection
  3. Priority Inheritance with dynamic tracking and propagation
  4. Adaptive priority ceiling
  5. Symmetric Multicore

Middleware Innovations

  1. Fail-safe FAT and FLASH file systems
  2. MISRA-C:2004 compliant TCP/IP stack
  3. USB Device, Host, and OTG with full handshake
  4. Static and dynamic FLASH wear-leveling
  5. ECC and Bad block management